What do the critics have to say?

"Michael is one of a kind when it comes to his shoots. From his viewpoint as an actor, he makes each client beyond comfortable in the studio while personalizing your shoot every step of the way. You get an instant warmth from Michael as if you’ve known him for years. A variety of my clients continue to have great success with the headshots provided by Michael. His turnaround following a shoot is electric and his prices can’t be matched with the pristine quality of the shoot you’ll experience. I can’t recommend Michael enough!" - Zachary Durand, Agent with The Talent House

Michael provided such a chill and relaxed atmosphere to bring out my truth. His sense of humor and intellect kept the conversation and laughter constant.
I was so grateful for the multiple looks and backdrops that were able to be expressed. By the end of my session I felt that I had many fantastic options. He truly brings out the best in you.

Hannah Corneau, Yitzak on Hedwig and the Angry Inch National Tour

Michael truly got the PERFECT shot and I am so grateful he was so game to jump in at the last second.* I will be recommending him wherever I go now!

 Shaina Taub, Singer / Songwriter / Currently in Signature Theatre Company's OLD HATS in NYC

*Michael was asked to snap a photo of #artistswearingorange in support of Gun Violence Awareness. 

Having only recently moved to the city I wanted professional grade headshots, but working with a “professional photographer” always sounds so intimidating. I needed to take these photos with someone who could capture a professional grade shot without the intimidation factor; Michael was exactly the man for the job. From the moment I walked into his studio we were laughing and having a good time. He made it very clear that what I wanted from each photo was the focus of the session and it made me very confident to know that he was looking out for my best interest; it was more like having a casual photo shoot with a good friend even though we’d only just met! The ease and comfort really established a trust and I feel that shows in each shot that Michael takes. His prices are unbeatable and the quality of photo is incredible. I cannot think of someone I’d recommend more highly.  - Danny Burgos, Actor

Working with Michael was by far the best experience I have ever had. Michael’s energy and optimism is contagious and as soon as you walk into the studio he puts you at ease. He provides you with all the time you need to get the perfect shots and not once did I feel rushed or pressure to ‘model’ or ‘perform’, we just had a great time! I had an overwhelmingly positive response from industry professionals. For the first time my headshots were standing out and really showcasing what I had to offer. Not long after my first session with Michael, I booked the lead in a network TV Movie and the casting director even commented on how much she loved my headshots! I can’t recommend Michael enough, he will always be my go-to headshot photographer!" - Hayley Palmaer, Actor

Michael's approach is collaborative and individualized. He listened to my needs and desires while also bringing his own creative spunk and vision to my session. Taking photos for a particular purpose, especially headshots, can often induce stress and nerves, and Mikey nips that in the bud with the environment of fun, laughter, and celebration he cultivates at Michael Kushner Photography. I think his incredible interpersonal skills, not to mention his prowess with a camera, translate into unique, vibrant photos that capture the spirit of his clients. - Katie Drinkard, Actor

"I had my first head shot session with Michael the other week and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him. He is extremely professional but also has a very laid back vibe to him making it very easy to feel comfortable around him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for new head shots." - Matt Miller, Actor

Shooting with Michael was such a pleasure! After I arrived, we chatted and talked about career goals, roles I normally go for, what I sing in auditions, etc. The was super fun, and laid back. Michael showed me some shots along the way which was super helpful. Michael's energy is so very positive and uplifting. He really goes above and beyond for his clients! I left our session feeling super energized, inspired, motivated, and encouraged. I am so very impressed, and do very highly recommend shooting with Michael! - Maranda Rossi, Actor